Sunday 7 July 2019

Speak Easy, Stretford - A summer adventure


 Having performed at a number of the central Manchester spoken-word nights, such as One Mic Stand, Speak!, Bad Language, the Poetry Pop Jukebox Co-op and Stirred, I started venturing further out. I recently read at Verbose in Levenshulme, which was lovely, and this week I tried out Speak Easy in Stretford.

 I had never been to Stretford, and as it was a sunny evening, I decided to walk there from the centre of Manchester after work. The journey took me around an hour and a half, and I stopped from time to time to talk photos in the lovely summer light.

 I arrived at Stretford Sip Club and enjoyed a fun and genuinely varied night of performance, with a mix of humour, seriousness, and some singing, which was quite different and refreshing. It was really nice when everyone got the chorus and joined in.

 I enjoyed performing my poetry to a new crowd, and was really happy to be invited back to do a longer set. I hope to return - watch this space! I caught a tram back to Manchester, as walking all the way back might have been a bit much! But I am glad I walked there.

 Thanks to Speak Easy for having me, and to the warm and welcoming audience, and thank you for reading my blog and sharing my adventures.

 Liz x

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