Tuesday 31 July 2018

Stirred - Pirates and Adventurers


 I had a great first visit to the Mancunian feminist spoken word night Stirred, which this month had the theme of Pirates and Adventurers. 

 I read some of my poems - about women and about the sea - and enjoyed hearing the amazing work of the other performers. I met Kate Garrett and Amy Kinsman - writers I knew online through the journals we edit (Foxglove, Picaroon, Riggwelter) - in person, and they were lovely. 

 I also met some new people, and the event had a cosy and welcoming vibe. I am very glad I made the journey - one complicated by train issues and weather - to the Three Minute Theatre.

 I look forward to attending, and reading at, more spoken word events, in Manchester and beyond.

 Liz x

Strix - Kiwi fruit


 I am delighted that my poem "Kiwi fruit" has been published in Issue #4 of Strix, a really beautiful print journal.

 I hope you enjoy my writing.

 Liz x

Tuesday 24 July 2018

Now Then - Word Life 56 and Raspberries


 I have been Editor of the Word Life section of Now Then Manchester for a year and a half now, and something I have been wanting to do is to curate an issue devoted to showcasing LGBTQ+ writing.

 I waited because I hoped to make as many people as possible aware of Word Life, so they knew to submit their work. I also reached out to people who may not usually share their writing through magazines, through getting in touch with the LGBT Foundation, who helped spread the word. 
 Now, after a lot of work, Issue 56 is now here, and I am very proud and happy. It features my poem "Raspberries" as well as writing by Emily Cave, Naomi Sampson, Frankie Blaus, Jasmine Taylor, Caitlin Johnson, Roma Havers and Leah Johnson.

 As always, the page also has listings for literary events and workshops in Manchester, so if you live locally, perhaps you could try something new or practise a skill.

 I hope you enjoy July's Word Life.

 Liz x

Friday 20 July 2018

Celebrating Change - Blue butterflies


 I'm very happy that Celebrating Change has published my poem "Blue butterflies". Thank you to guest editor Degna Stone for her lovely introduction to it.

 It is wonderful to be part of this special year-long project exploring change. I hope you enjoy my writing.

 Liz x

Sunday 8 July 2018

News - May and June 2018


 Well, to say the last couple of months have been hectic is an understatement. However, I succeeded in submitting all of my essays and translations, got my degree (an Integrated Professional Masters in Languages, in French and Spanish) and will be graduating this month!

 I have also been working on my writing and other creative projects, and some exciting things have happened, with more on the horizon. 

 I was shortlisted for The Poetry Business's 2017/18 New Poets Prize, and shortlisted in two categories for the 2018 Students' Union Awards: Best Article (for the piece I wrote for The Mancunion about how I founded Foxglove Journal), and Best Placard.

 I have had poetry published in The Open Mouse ("Urania"), The Cardiff Review ("Before breakfast"), Now Then ("Oranges" and "Sara") and Irisi ("How you arrived", "Scattered", "Portrait" and "Lucy"). 

 I was part of Open Mind Manchester's Mind Full of Art project to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing; my poem "Soap" appeared in the exhibition and the anthology.

 I have continued to edit the Word Life section of Now Then Manchester; May's issue had the theme of "Friendship" and June's the theme of "Nature".

 I have added some posts to my travel blog, Neither Here Nor There, so feel free to have a read and share my adventures in Galicia. Foxglove Journal is also going strong; have a look if you fancy some poetry and prose.

 I am now looking forward to a summer of creativity - I have work coming up in Strix, The Lampeter Review, Coast to Coast to Coast, Novelty, Marble Poetry, Confingo, Far Off Places, the Young Identity Anthology and the New North Poets Anthology. I hope to do some poetry readings, too.

 Thanks for reading, and following my writing journey.

 Liz x