Monday, 31 December 2018

Young Identity - 2018 highlights


Keisha Thompson and Reece Williams presenting One Mic Stand

 I was a member of Mancunian spoken-word collective Young Identity for the final few months of 2017, but it was in 2018 that I really got stuck in and attended regularly (before that it had been difficult due to me living in a catered university residence, with meal times clashing with workshops). 

 I now take part in the group every week that I can, and it has become like a family to me. Everybody has been incredibly supportive and has made me feel comfortable sharing my writing, even when I have only just written it and it still feels very raw. 

 Having a space to practise performing has been invaluable to me in a year when I have hugely increased the amount of spoken-word work that I do. It is also humbling hearing the wonderful work of the other writers - we are all so different, and I get to learn about the world in so many ways, through so many voices.

 Special highlights have included attending One Mic Stand, Young Identity's own poetry slam, and being awed by the talent of the performance teams, and reading at the launch of our anthology No Disclaimers - such a lovely night of friendship and creativity.

 I enjoyed curating a special Young Identity edition of Word Life, and putting together a feature on the group, interviewing CEO Shirley May, and poet and editor Frankie Blaus.

 I was also delighted to review Keisha Thompson's show Man on the Moon, and interview her - Keisha was a core member of Young Identity, and her talent for spoken word, music and storytelling really inspires me.

 Thank you to Shirley, who has been so encouraging to me, and to everyone at the group, with shout-outs to Toreh O'Garro, Nicole May, Nasima Begum and Roma Havers for making me feel so welcome.

 I'm very much looking forward to seeing what is next for Young Identity in 2019.

 Liz x

The Writing Squad - 2018 highlights



 This year I officially graduated from The Writing Squad, after two years of workshops and events. However, the great thing about the Squad is that even as a graduate you stay a part of the community and can be very much involved.

 This year, one Squad moment really stands out, and is one of my proudest achievements as a writer. I was commissioned by Manchester Literature Festival to write an original piece about what reading means to me, to encourage young people - and older ones - to read for enjoyment.

 I was incredibly proud to share "On stories and snow" at the Take Ten event at Manchester Central Library, and it felt like a major milestone for me as a spoken-word performer.

 I also attended two Writing Squad workshops, which both happened to be in Leeds. The first was with Hannah Silva, who taught as about performance techniques and technologies, such as using a looping pedal. 

 She also performed for us, and her work blew my mind in how different and brave it is, and how precise her timings have to be for the pieces to work. I was really inspired to try new things and grow as a performer.

 The second workshop was led by Stevie Ronnie, who shared his passion for making books and pamphlets. We learnt how to make precise cuts and folds in paper, and basic book-binding stitches. This workshop included a number of Squad members I hadn't met before, so I made some new friends.

 It was interesting to be so hands-on in a publishing process, making these precious, limited-edition items, and it made me much more aware of the possibilities in putting my work out there. I would definitely consider creating a small run of handmade zines or pamphlets.

 I discussed with Stevie how I wanted to work on the structure and presentation of my poetry on the page, and he was really helpful. Hopefully we can talk more about this in the future.

 I also met with Steve Dearden, the Squad Director, to generally discuss my writing and what will come next. I'm really looking forward to 2019 and moving forward as a creative.

 Thanks for reading, and thank you to everyone who has followed my writing career so far.

 Liz x

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Northern Poetry Showcase and Roadshow


 I had an enjoyable night performing at the Northern Poetry Showcase and Roadshow at York St John University. I was invited as one of the five 2017-18 New North Poets, and read three of my poems to an attentive audience. 

 It has been a whirlwind year since I won my Northern Writers' Award. I have been mentored by Clare Pollard, attended two writing retreats , been published in GASP, and felt my poems strengthen. The Showcase was a cosy and fun way to celebrate the journey we New North Poets have been on.

 Thank you to the Poetry School, New Writing North, and everyone else who has supported my writing.

 Liz x

HOME Digital Reporters and CAPSID


From CAPSID by John Walter

 I am very happy to have been chosen as a Digital Reporter this year by HOME, Manchester, a really cool venue where I have previously been involved in projects such as Young Identity, Young Curators and Creative Stars.

 Being a Digital Reporter means having monthly masterclasses, and so far we have studied blogging and photography. In the New Year we will be looking at film. I am enjoying the project so far, and looking forward to what is to come.

 My first assignment as a Digital Reporter was to review John Walter's CAPSID for HOME's website. I hope you enjoy my thoughts on this fascinating and different art exhibition.

 Liz x

Now Then - Young Identity


 Issue 61 of Now Then Manchester includes a feature I put together on Young Identity. I was very happy to be able to interview the spoken-word collective's co-founder and CEO Shirley May, and Frankie Blaus, a member of the group and one of the Editors of new anthology No Disclaimers.

 The pair discuss what makes Young Identity so special, and the journey to creating No Disclaimers. There is also a beautiful poem by Joel Cordingley, "Nervous Disposition", as a taster of the anthology.

 I hope you enjoy learning more about Young Identity - the group has been so supportive and encouraging to me as a writer and has really helped me grow.

 Liz x

Now Then - Word Life 61


 December's issue of Now Then Manchester's Word Life page is a special showcase of writing by Mancunian spoken-word collective Young Identity. As a proud member of the group, I really enjoyed curating this month's issue.

 I hope you enjoy these poems by Toreh O'Garro, Shirley May, Ayomide Abolaji, Will Spence, Rabia Tanweer, Yorusalem Okbamichael and Tallulah Howarth.

 There is also the usual information about literary events in and around Manchester.

 I hope you enjoy Word Life 61!

 Liz x

No Disclaimers - Anthology and launch


 One of the loveliest evenings I have had recently was the launch of No Disclaimers, the new Young Identity anthology, at HOME, Manchester. Being part of this spoken-word group is wonderful - it really is like a family, and has given me such confidence in writing and performing.

 I have two poems, both with long titles - "On cows and skies" and "On trees, invertebrates and meteorological phenomena" - in No Disclaimers. I enjoyed reading the latter at the launch. It was also very special hearing other poems performed in their authors' unique voices, as well as generally catching up with everyone and celebrating our achievements as a group. 

 I had my copy of the anthology signed by the poets who were there, and received some kind and moving messages. I also signed other people's - it was a signing-fest! It really was a night to remember. 

 Here's to more Young Identity fun and inspiration in the New Year.

 Liz x

From LGBTQ+ With Love flash fiction competition


 It was so nice to discover that my flash fiction has been long-listed for the Writers' HQ From LGBTQ+ With Love competition. 

 While judging is in process I can't tell you which story is mine, but I am very happy to be chosen. Watch this space to find out what happens next!

 Liz x

Far Off Places - Launch night in Edinburgh


Enjoying the views from the big wheel!

I have two poems in the latest - and, sadly, final - issue of Far Off Places, a beautiful journal that I have followed for years. They were also the first magazine to publish one of my translations, and have been so friendly and supportive.

 So, when I was invited to read at their launch night at Lighthouse Bookshop in Edinburgh, I decided to accept - it was a long way from Manchester, but I thought it would make a nice little trip. It was indeed: I read some poems to a really nice and warm audience, then spent hours sitting and chatting with the Far Off Places team and other lovely writers and creatives.

 I also enjoyed exploring Edinburgh: visiting the Christmas market, taking in the views from the big wheel, eating mac 'n' cheese at a vegetarian restaurant, and having a hot chocolate at Black Medicine Coffee, in the building where some of Harry Potter was written.

Mac 'n' cheese!

 The last stop on my tour was the Scottish Poetry Library, where I saw two of the famous book sculptures - they were so intricate and magical - and was able to relax for a bit before catching my train back. 

 I am very grateful to the Far Off Places team and everyone else I met for being so welcoming and for the suggestions of places to visit. I would love to return to Edinburgh some day, and hope to travel to more far off places (get it) to share my writing and meet new people.

 Liz x

Friday, 16 November 2018



 Last night I visited Speak!, one of the last of the big Mancunian spoken word nights I hadn't yet been to. It was a different atmosphere to what I had experienced at other nights, with more people, louder music, and generally, for me, a more intense vibe.

 However new it felt, I threw myself into my set, performing my poems. The crowd were into it, with laughter in the right places, and I got some good feedback afterwards. The other acts were diverse and interesting, and I was glad I decided to give Speak! a go.

 Liz x

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Now Then - Keisha Thompson


 It was a joy to interview the dynamic writer and spoken-word performer Keisha Thompson for Now Then Manchester, and to attend and review her solo show Man on the Moon

 I hope you enjoy my feature on Keisha.

 Liz x

Far Off Places - A cave, and Finding the fish


 You may remember that I had a translation published in Far Off Places in 2016. It is a gorgeous journal, available in print and digital formats.

 I was recently happy to discover that I would again be part of it, with my poems, "A cave" and "Finding the fish" published in the upcoming issue. 

 There is also a bittersweet feeling, as this will be the final issue of Far Off Places. I am proud and moved to be part of it. You can purchase the digital edition of Volume V, Issue II online.

 I hope you enjoy my poetry.

 Liz x

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Manchester Literature Festival - On stories and snow


 Just letting you know that you can now read my piece "On stories and snow", commissioned for Manchester Literature Festival, online at The National Literacy Trust. It was a joy to write this piece, and to perform it at the Take Ten event at Manchester Central Library.

 I hope you enjoy discovering how reading has shaped my life.

 Liz x

Flim Nite - Pan's Labyrinth


 I had been hoping to get involved with Flim Nite, a cinema-inspired performance night, since I first learnt about it. My fellow New North Poet Jasmine Chatfield, is one of the organisers, and it sounded intriguing.

 When I heard that they would be taking on Pan's Labyrinth, I just had to be there - I studied this film for my Spanish A-Level, and it is one of my all-time favourites. It was so lovely to be welcomed there to read my poetry. I wrote two poems, a sonnet and a ghazal, especially for the occasion.

 The large audience at the Three Minute Theatre were warm and listened intently, and it was a great experience. It was fascinating to see and hear how the other performers interpreted the film.

 I hope to return to Flim Nite in the future, and look forward to seeing what films they have lined up for us to revisit and respond to.

 Liz x

Now Then - Word Life 60


 November's issue of Now Then Manchester - our sixtieth! - is here, and for Word Life I set the theme of "Gifts". I received a huge number of submissions, probably more than for any previous issue.

 The final selection includes writing by J V Birch, Margaret King, Fee Thomas, Gerry Sikazwe, Lynn White, John Grey, Anna Maria Dall'Olio, Andrew Nowell, Sarah Hulme, Kristi Rose, Joan McNerney and Laura Potts. The "Gifts" prompt is interpreted in many different and fascinating ways.

 We also have the usual listings for literary events in and around Manchester.

 I hope you enjoy Issue 60!

 Liz x

Confingo - Oyster


 I am very happy that my poem "Oyster" has been published in Confingo 10, the autumn/winter 2018 issue. It is wonderful to see my work in this elegant Mancunian print journal.

 I hope you enjoy my poem.

 Liz x

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Visual Verse - Leaving Manchester


 Visual Verse have been celebrating their fifth birthday with a competition, and I was delighted to be one of the writers chosen to be published first in November's issue. 

 My poem "Leaving Manchester" was a response to the above image by Hannah Coulson, but also inspired by my many trips in and out of the city that has become my home over the last six years. Leaving always feels bittersweet, but I know I will never stay away for too long.

 I hope you enjoy my writing. Feel free to also look at my Visual Verse archive to see all the pieces I have had published on the site since 2015.

 Liz x

Monday, 5 November 2018

News - September and October 2018


 Since my last news post, autumn has arrived in the north of England, and the weather has transformed. It is very cold, but some lovely things have brought me moments of warmth. So much has happened in my writing and creative projects, and I am looking forward to sharing it with you.

 Firstly, in terms of performance and spoken word, I was commissioned to create a special piece of writing for Manchester Literature Festival's Take Ten event, at Manchester Central Library. This was an incredible opportunity, and I really enjoyed writing and performing "On stories and snow".

 I also performed a set at (In)sane, a really nice, chilled event to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing, and I enjoyed reading at the ever-lovely feminist poetry night Stirred.

 In terms of the written word, GASP, the anthology of the New North Poets, was released. Four of my poems featured: "Blood ghazal", "León", "Pilot" and "Missing Leo", and our mentor, Clare Pollard, wrote a lovely introduction, praising the "conjuring of place" in my work.

 The year of mentoring following my Northern Writers' Awards win was so important to me as a writer, and this anthology was a way of celebrating our progress as New North Poets. I am very proud of it.

 I have also had poems published by other brilliant publications: "Things that can fly" appeared in Culture Matters, "Things that make me happy" in Scrittura Magazine, "Dogteeth" in Severine, "Dragon" in The Poetry Village and "An L-shaped room" in Here Comes Everyone.

 My prose also had a chance to shine, with my short story "Australia" published in The Lampeter Review, and my flash fiction piece "The time of harps" in Visual Verse.

 I enjoyed another year as a Digital Reporter for Manchester Literature Festival, reviewing two very powerful events. Firstly, I listened to Michael Morpurgo's words on the environment and conservation at Manchester Cathedral.

 I then visited the Whitworth Art Gallery to hear Rommi Smith and Dave Evans responding to the exhibition "Bodies of Colour" through the media of spoken word and piano, respectively. Issues tackled included sexism, homophobia and racism, but there was also a strong sense of hope.

 As usual, I curated the Word Life section of Now Then Manchester, and really enjoyed putting together two very different issues - September's had the more serious theme of "Messages", while October's was more fun, with poems surrounding "Animals".

 That being said, a quite solemn poem of mine, "Requiem", about whales, featured in October's issue. I hope you enjoy both months' sets of writing.

 I took part in a fun Writing Squad workshop with Stevie Ronnie on making books and presenting written work in new ways, and have enjoyed my continued participation in spoken word group Young Identity.

 I have also been chosen as a Digital Reporter at HOME, Manchester, which is very exciting! I look forward to a year of masterclasses and opportunities.

 Thanks for following my creative journey, and watch this space to see where it goes next.

 Liz x

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Tales From the Forest - Noelle


Image by Lar Ó Duinn
 I'm pleased to announce that Tales From the Forest have published my fiction piece "Noelle" in Issue Nine, which has the theme of "Limits". 

 I hope you enjoy reading this story, which tells of of a young skater constantly forced to push her limits, the respite she finds in nature, and the darkness that pressure and stress can lead to.

 Liz x

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Stirred - Underworld


 You may remember that I performed at feminist poetry night Stirred back in July, when the theme was "Pirates and Adventurers". It was a lovely experience, and I was delighted to return this month, to an event themed "Underworld".

 I read some new poems, and the audience was, like last time, very warm and receptive. I enjoyed hearing everybody else's work - there was a real range of styles in both content and delivery; some loving, some gentle, some dramatic.

 The chat in the breaks, and the general vibe, was so cosy and relaxed, and I left feeling very fulfilled. I am looking forward to doing more poetry performances, at Stirred and beyond.

 Liz x

Here Comes Everyone - An L-shaped room


 I am very happy that my poem "An L-shaped room" has been published by Here Comes Everyone, as part of a series on the theme of "Rituals".

 I hope you enjoy my writing.

 Liz x

MLF18: Rommi Smith and Dave Evans


 It was a great honour to be invited to attend and review Rommi Smith and Dave Evans' event at Whitworth Art Gallery as part of Manchester Literature Festival. The pair responded to the exhibition "Bodies of Colour", Smith through spoken word, Evans through music.

 I attended a Writing Squad performance masterclass with Rommi a year or so ago, and she really inspired and encouraged me, so seeing her again was lovely. The evening was extremely powerful and moving. I hope you enjoy my review for Chapter & Verse.

 As with every year, I've enjoyed being a Digital Reporter for the Festival, and hope to be able to do it again in the future.

 Liz x

Thursday, 25 October 2018

The Poetry Village - Dragon


Image by David Coldwell
 I am delighted to see my poem "Dragon" published at The Poetry Village, accompanied by a beautiful piece of art by Editor David Coldwell. 

 This is the second of my Chinese Zodiac poems to be published this week, after "Dogteeth" appeared in Severine. I hope you are enjoying this series - you can also read "Sheepgoat" and "Rooster" online.

 Liz x

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Severine - Dogteeth


 I am very happy to have a poem, "Dogteeth", in Issue Six of Severine, which has the theme of "Wild". 

 Issue Four of Severine was one of my first publications, back in 2016, so it is lovely to see my work between the pages of this elegant journal once again.

 I hope you enjoy my writing.

 Liz x

Saturday, 20 October 2018

MLF18: Michael Morpurgo


 I am very happy to once again be a Digital Reporter for Manchester Literature Festival. My first event this year was Michael Morpurgo's Castlefield Sermon at Manchester Cathedral. 

 It was incredible hearing one of my favourite authors speak on something he is passionate about: nature and the environment. I reviewed the magical night for Chapter & Verse - I hope you enjoy it. 

 Liz x

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

(In)sane Manchester


 I was very happy to perform some of my poems at (In)sane, an event to raise awareness of mental health issues and wellbeing. It was one of the longer performance slots I've done, and I enjoyed reading a range of poems, as well as sharing some of the stories behind them.

 It was lovely seeing and hearing all the other amazing work - visual art, sound pieces, performances and more. They also had delicious cake!

 Overall, it was a really nice event and I look forward to doing more readings in the future.

 Liz x

Friday, 12 October 2018

Manchester Literature Festival - Take Ten


Photograph by Steve Dearden

 I was delighted to be commissioned to write and perform a piece on the subject of reading for the Take Ten event at Manchester Literature Festival 2018. 

 I read "On stories and snow" at Manchester Central Library, to an audience including pupils from local schools, teachers, writers and the Lord Mayor of Manchester.
 It was a really lovely experience, and I look forward to doing more work like this in the future.

 Liz x

Now Then - Word Life 59 and Requiem


 For October's issue of Now Then Manchester's Word Life section, I set the theme of "Animals". It was such fun to edit! In the work submitted, I encountered all kinds of critters, from a goat to ravens to a spider to a cat.

 The final selection of work includes poetry from Glen Sorestad, Ann Christine Tabaka, Peter Burrows, Kersten Christianson, Ion Corcos and Roger Bloor, as well as my own poem "Requiem", which first appeared in The Fat Damsel back in 2016, and is inspired by whales.

 You can also find details of literary events and workshops that are happening in and around Manchester this month.

 I hope you enjoy the issue.

 Liz x

Thursday, 4 October 2018

GASP by the New North Poets


 As you may know, I was announced as a New North Poet at the 2017 Northern Writers' Awards, which was one of my proudest achievements. 

 Part of the prize was working with The Poetry School, Clare Pollard and the other four fabulous winners - Jasmine, Maria, Michael and Rosa - to create an anthology. GASP is now here, and is free to read online. 

 I hope you enjoy my four poems: "Blood ghazal", "León", "Pilot" and "Missing Leo". If "León" and "Missing Leo" inspire you to learn more about my travels in Spain, check out my travel blog posts on León and Salamanca.

 Thank you to everyone who has supported my writing.

 Liz x

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Scrittura Magazine - Things that make me happy


 My poem "Things that make me happy" has been published in Issue 13 of Scrittura Magazine - something that has made me very happy indeed! It is partly inspired by my time living in Avignon, which you can read more about on my travel blog.

 Scrittura is beautifully designed, and it is wonderful to see my work there.

 I hope you enjoy my poem.

 Liz x

Friday, 21 September 2018

Visual Verse - The time of harps


 I took up September's Visual Verse challenge, which was to respond to the above image by Penny Byrne. My fiction piece "The time of harps", about emptying a room, identities and the past, present and future, has been published on the site.

 I hope you enjoy my writing.
 Liz x

Culture Matters - Things that can fly


 My poem "Things that can fly" has been published by Culture Matters. It is inspired by the history of coal mining in my hometown of Wigan and many of the nearby areas, as well as by nature, different generations and the passing of time.

 I hope you enjoy it.

 Liz x

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Now Then - Word Life 58


 September's issue of Now Then Manchester has arrived, and I enjoyed curating the Word Life section. I set this month's theme as "Messages" and received a variety of responses, some quirky, some moving. 

 I hope you enjoy the pieces I chose: fiction from Anne Sheppard, and poems from Kieran Egan, Lisa Reily, Peter Burrows, Antony Owen, Ann Christine Tabaka, Joan McNerney, Glen Sorestad and Ion Corcos.

 There are also listings for literary events in and around Manchester this month. There are quite a few, from the Northern Quarter to Levenshulme to Stretford to Salford. Hopefully if you live in the area you will find something for you.

 Enjoy Issue 58!

 Liz x

Saturday, 1 September 2018

News - July and August 2018


 This has been an eventful summer, which began with me graduating from the University of Manchester with my Integrated Professional Masters in Languages!

 Since then I have been doing a lot of projects in and out of Manchester, with a sort of culmination being Manchester Pride, where I performed my poetry at Tell It Like It Is, and enjoyed a wonderful weekend of celebration.

 I have done a few other spoken word events: I performed at Stirred and Bad Language in Manchester, Open Mic Poetry at the Old Courts in Wigan, and the launch of Issue 4 of Coast to Coast to Coast in Liverpool.

 An exciting piece of news is that I was shortlisted for the Creative Future Literary Awards, which is very encouraging.

 I have also had some poetry published: "Blue butterflies" in Celebrating Change, "Kiwi fruit" in Strix, "What you are made of" in Coast to Coast to Coast, "Hesitation" in Siblíní Journal, and "Bed Island" and "A door opened" in Confluence Magazine. 

 Additionally, my fiction piece "Sweets on Neptune" appeared in Visual Verse.

 July's issue of Now Then Manchester's Word Life page was an LGBTQ+ showcase, which I am very proud of putting together. It included my poem "Raspberries", along with lovely work from other writers. August's issue had the theme of "Heroes".

 Foxglove Journal is also full of new poetry and fiction, with a Summer Writing Week currently taking place.

 The last couple of months have been busy, and at times tiring, but I feel I have achieved a lot. I am looking forward to the next stage of my life, and will definitely make room for writing and creativity in it.

 Thanks to everyone who has supported me.

 Liz x

The Lampeter Review - Australia


 I'm thrilled that my short story "Australia" - one that is particularly special to me - has been published in Issue 16 of The Lampeter Review, which has the theme of "Staying".

 I hope you enjoy "Australia", a tale of family, loss, wisdom, stars and kangaroos.

 Liz x

Friday, 31 August 2018

Confluence Magazine - Two poems


 I am very happy to have two poems in Issue 7 of Confluence Magazine, an elegant print journal inspired by rivers.

 "Bed Island" and "A door opened" both flowed from my time living in Avignon, by the Rhône. If you would like to learn more about my travels in France and Spain, check out my blog, Neither Here Nor There.

 Liz x

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Bad Language Manchester


 I had been hoping to read my poetry at long-running Mancunian spoken word night Bad Language, and was thrilled to get the chance last night. I headed to Gullivers, in the Northern Quarter, and had a highly enjoyable evening. 

 I read some poems I hadn't before - about the body, nature, travel and protest - to a nice reception, which was very encouraging. The other work I heard was diverse, with some of the quirkiest, funniest performances I'd come across at spoken word nights sitting alongside some of the saddest and most thought-provoking.

 I hope to return to Bad Language in the future, and to keep trying new spoken word events around Manchester and beyond.

 Thanks to everyone who has supported me in my writing and performance.

 Liz x

Siblíní Journal - Hesitation


 I'm pleased to announce that my villanelle "Hesitation" has been published in Issue Four of Siblíní Journal, which has the theme of "Body Languages".

 I was published in Siblíní in 2016 with my poem "Ink dragons", and it is great to be part of this elegant journal once again.

 Liz x

Friday, 24 August 2018

Coast to Coast to Coast - Launch and What you are made of


 I am very happy to have a poem, "What you are made of", in Issue 4 of Coast to Coast to Coast, which is edited by Maria Isakova Bennett and Michael Brown.

 This journal is like nothing else I have encountered: it is small and delicate and the cover of every copy is individually hand-stitched by Maria. Each copy is stunning and is its own piece of art, which is very cool.

 It has been a dream of mine to make it into the journal, and it is wonderful to have been chosen. I was invited to read at the launch, in a historic house in Liverpool. It was a great night, and I met some lovely people.

 Musician Nick Branton also responded to the poetry read, and hearing music inspired by my work, and by others' I had just heard, was fascinating, and something different and special.

 My copy of Coast to Coast to Coast is something I will always treasure, and I am very proud and happy to be part of such an unusual and beautiful project.

 Liz x

Thursday, 23 August 2018

LGBT Foundation - Tell It Like It Is


 I had a great evening of performance and fun at Tell It Like It Is, an event organised by LGBT Foundation before Manchester Pride. 

 I read my poetry to a really lovely and warm audience. I also made a scrapbook, and met some new people as well as catching up with friends.

 I'm glad I went - it was cosy and relaxed, and hopefully it might lead to some more nice things happening. Watch this space!

 Liz x