Wednesday 28 March 2018

News - January and February 2018


 So far for me 2018 has been incredibly busy. I've been working towards finishing my degree and my dissertation, training for my first 10 kilometre run and, of course, writing poetry and stories. I have seen some major milestones, which I am looking forward to sharing with you now.

 In January I went to London to take part in a poetry reading with the other four New North Poets. We read at the Poetry Society's Poetry Café, alongside our mentor, Clare Pollard, and Caroline Bird. Caroline is one of my favourite poets and this was a huge honour, especially when she remembered and referenced specific details of my poems when talking to me later. 

 We attended the TS Eliot Prize Readings and mingled with poets and publishers afterwards. It was great to speak to Andrew McMillan again and to see many other famous faces. We also took part in the Awards workshop with Malika Booker, who told us more about the nominated poets. Overall, it was a very inspiring weekend.

 I continue to enjoy curating Now Then Manchester's Word Life page: January's issue was unthemed, and February's had the theme of "Love". I hope you enjoy them.

 I had a flash fiction piece, "Fall", published in Litro, and two poems, "Ávila" and "Maybe Cygnus" published in Selcouth Station. I also reviewed Annabel Pitcher's "The Last Days of Archie Maxwell" for Cuckoo Review.

 January and February were two intense months, but I feel that I learnt and achieved a great deal. Thanks for keeping up with my news and supporting my writing.

 Liz x

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