Thursday 10 November 2016

Wednesday 9 November 2016

How to get published in literary journals


Severine, where my poem "Trailing Jasmine" was published. And a cat
 Just letting you know that for The Mancunion Books Section, I have written a guide to getting your creative writing published!

 It outlines the different stages of the literary submission process - choosing your work, formatting it and sending it out - as well as some tips and tricks that might give you the edge over the competition.

 I hope you find my advice useful. Please consider sending some poetry or fiction to my own new magazine, Foxglove Journal!

 Liz x

Sunday 6 November 2016

Visual Verse - Fives


 I'm happy to announce that my short story "Fives" has been published by Visual Verse! The prompt was the above image by Hernan Bas.

 I hope you enjoy my piece.

 Liz x

Tuesday 1 November 2016

News - October 2016


 I'm trying out something new today, which is to give a summary of my writing news from the last month. So, here we go for October.

 Firstly, I won Second Prize in the Poetry Society's Timothy Corsellis Prize with my poem "Barthelasse". I was so happy when I heard I had been chosen - this poem means a lot to me and writing it was a powerful, emotional experience. You can read it here; it's on the right after the link.

 Secondly, my work has appeared in several magazines. Four of my travel-themed poems featured in Issue 20 of Alliterati Magazine, as did my poem "Child Eight" in Germ Magazine, my flash piece "Sandstorm" in Visual Verse and my short story "Places where I go to hide" in Fictive Dream.

 Thirdly, I wrote two informative pieces: one on books about new beginnings for The Mancunion, and one on languages and travel for author Cathy Cassidy's Dreamcatcher blog.

 Finally, and most excitingly: I have started my own literary magazine! Foxglove Journal is open for submissions of poetry and short fiction. I would love to see your work, so please consider sending some in!

 October has been a fruitful month for my writing. Hopefully November will be equally creative.

 Remember to keep an eye on my travel blog to hear about my adventures here in France!

 Thanks for reading.

 Liz x