Friday 4 May 2018

Second Highgreen Arts residential


 As a winner of the New North Poets Prize at last year's Northern Writers' Awards, I was invited to take part in two residentials at Highgreen Arts, in rural Northumberland. The first residential was in September; the second was last week. I had a really enjoyable and memorable time there.

 Highgreen is an elegant and comfy old manor house. The five New North Poets and our mentor, Clare Pollard, spent many an hour sitting around the fire doing writing activities and discussing and reading poetry. We also had a full-day workshop with the poet Antony Dunn, which was very useful.

 I walked a lot, and found the local nature calming and inspiring. We enjoyed delicious veggie food and divine desserts - apple crumble, chocolate brownie, poached pear. We had lightning one night, which in the total darkness of the countryside was very dramatic. I would later write a poem about it.

 Overall, it was a lovely weekend in great company. I hope to do more residentials in the future.

 Liz x

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