Friday 14 April 2017

News - January and February 2017


 What with arriving and settling in Spain, where I'm currently on a study placement, and some extreme weather, I wasn't able to do a news post for January or February. So, I thought I'd combine them. Both months were really exciting for me, with a lot happening writing-wise. 

 Firstly, 2017 has been great so far for my fiction. I have had a number of stories and flash pieces published: "The tooth" in Jellyfish Review, "Lady Waker" in Myths of the Near Future, "Lemon summer" in Storgy, "The moon and river" in Visual Verse and "Five things I wish I could still do (and one I'm glad I forgot)" in Halo Literary Magazine.

 I've also had several poems published: "Blood orange" and "Green grapes" in The Cluny, "In Cambridge" in Picaroon Poetry and "Segovia" in The Mancunion, where I was also featured as Poet of the Week.

 The creative highlight of the two months was being asked to edit the Word Life section of Now Then Manchester. I was already a big fan of Word Life and some of my poems had been published there, so I was delighted to be chosen to take care of it. I spent much of February working on March's issue - I hope you enjoy it.

 Other bits and bobs: I reviewed Indigo Girls' album Rites of Passage for The Mancunion, and I continued to enjoy success with my music and travel blogs, reaching major pageview milestones. At present my travel blog is at just past 75,000 views, which is amazing. Thank you for sharing my adventures!

 Foxglove Journal is also doing well - please feel free to send us some poetry and/or fiction.

 Thanks for reading - here's to a bright and positive spring.

 Liz x

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